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March 22, 2024

Hey Brave Girls and RARE Leaders, Inc. know it is time to shatter the stigma and create a haven for men to open up about their emotions, bringing them together to share, support, and heal. And on Friday, March 22,2024, the #MENHURT2 event did just that.

Gentlemen, your mental health matters. Your emotions are valid. Your struggles are heard. Let's normalize conversations around mental well-being and provide a supportive environment where men feel comfortable expressing themselves.

Together, we can break down barriers and foster empathy. Let's make sure #MENHURT2 is not just an event but a movement towards a more understanding and compassionate society.

Warmth in the Winter Project

Jan. 4th, 2024

It was the first day back to school for students at Hyatt Park elementary school and they got to start the new year with new coats.

News Article


South Carolina Athletics

South Carolina Athletics recently partnered with RARE Leaders and other organizations to bring more than four dozen middle school students from underrepresented populations to campus for the second annual Gamecock Summer Tour program. The students toured several of South Carolina’s athletics facilities and got a behind-the-scenes look at what is available for student-athletes. There were also presentations about making career choices, how to prepare for college, the history of African-Americans at the University, time management, nutrition, and other life skills.

The Little Mermaid